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Object ID number 1990.13.002
Title Edith Watson's autograph book
Scope & Content Autograph Book belonging to Edith Watson dated 1877.

Edith Watson
Reed Watson
Mamme S. Pendleton 1882
Your friend and pastor, J. J. * 1877
Walter A. Sadd Wapping
Alice C. Thompson
Charles Dazey
Florence Burrell
M. Lizzy Ware
Mammie Olmstead
Stub Pen*
Rose Watson
Addie Barbour
Austin Bowman
Gracie Boardman
Lucy Robinson
Edwina Dimock
Minnie Lester
Clara Woodbridge
Carrie Hubbard
Alice Whinton
Carrie Welles
Maria Roberson
Annie Rockwell
Anna M. Knickerbocker, East Windsor Hill
Fannie H. Gillette, Sharon, CT
Alice Flynn, Bridgeport, CT
Ellen H. Hick*
A. C. Siebert
Minnie N. Whaples*
Lucie F. Bishop, Avon, CT
Eleanor, Shackleford (E. P. & J. W. & A. Shackleford) 1883
Marion Woolsey Cate, Marthas Vineyard
Minnie L. Clapp
Elizabeth Pelton
Edwin F. Dimmock
Alice S. Row
George Clapp
Charles Rockwell
Kate Bartlett
R. K. Pelton
D. P. Bancroft
William Gage
Mattie Adams
Mary Pomeroy, Canada
Julia Plimpton
Kate Bishop, Litchfield CT
Mary Roth*
William Osgood
Anita Webster
Minnie M. Watson
Gertrude Adams
George Bowman (Ernestine & Caroline)
Your Uncle "in Dixie" George
S. P. Charpantier
Nancy Werner*
May Bancroft
G. L. Bull
Arthur Hollister
Laura Taft
Annie T. Foster
Lizzie Pelton
G. W. Lawton
G. W. Ripley
Lucy Butler
Eliza Kellogg
* Watson, Cambridge, MA
Carrie Clapp
Cousin Louise *
Edwin Stevens
Ettie Alexander
R. G. Windship
Abbie Bolles
Lillie D. Robbins
Baldwn Coolidge
E Osborne
Mable Ward
May Terry
Dover Bolles
Jennie Chapman
Lottie Hubbard
Matte Watrous
George Bowman
Henry Clapp
Freddie Trout*
Florence Peltier
Libbie Maud Jerome*
Rebecca Valparaiso*
Clara Wesley
H. T. Mott, St. Louis, MO
Louis Ripley
Ruth Sperry
E. L. Clapp
Alice Roe
Carrie Weatherby
S. Hatch
E. Moore
Mark Griggs
Lulu Butler
M. Louise Chapman
R. G. McCotter
George Whittlesey
G. Jerome
Eliza F. Fraser
Jennie C. Hunt
S. Lonise Barbour
Clorita Chapman
Marie Duffy
Hattie Goodale
Katie Holbrook
Mary Herrick
May Belle Skinner
Ellen Cook
Edith Wilkinson
Lizzie Fielding
Carrie Morley
Annie Bollock
Mrs. William Gage
Sylvia DeWolf Dimmock
Grace Simonson
Lillian Duncan
Sybil Willis
Willie Olmstead
Jessie Hayden
Cordelia May
Bertha J Adams
Minnie Bogart
Hattie Hanmer
Lena Pricket
Orlando & Sybil Willis
Edwin Stevens
Arthur Price
Grace Wilson
C. Hayden
Nellie Hallock
Jennie Ackley
Dora Geer
David Bancroft
Eliza McCook
Jimmie Knickerbocker
C. C. Haskell
Mary Maitland

Collection Watson Family Collection
People Ackley, Jennie
Adams, Bertha J.
Adams, Gertrude
Adams, Mattie
Alexander, Ettie
Bancroft, D. P.
Bancroft, David
Bancroft, May
Barbour, Addie
Barbour, S. Lonise
Bartlett, Kate
Bishop, Kate
Bishop, Lucie F.
Boardman, Gracie
Bogart, Minnie
Bolles, Abbie
Bolles, Dover
Bollock, Annie
Bowman, Austin
Bowman, George
Bull, G. L.
Burrell, Florence
Butler, Lucy
Butler, Lulu
Cate, Marion Woolsey
Chapman, Clorita
Chapman, Jennie
Chapman, M. Louise
Charpantier, S. P.
Clapp, Carrie
Clapp, George
Clapp, Henry
Clapp, Minnie L.
Cook, Ellen
Coolidge, Baldwin
Dazey, Charles
Dimmock, Edwin F.
Dimmock, Sylvia DeWolf
Dimock, Edwina
Duffy, Marie
Duncan, Lillian
Fielding, Lizzie
Flynn, Alice
Foster, Annie T.
Fraser, Eliza F.
Gage, Mrs. William
Gage, William
Geer, Dora
Gillette, Fannie H.
Goodale, Hattie
Griggs, Mark
Hallock, Nellie
Hanmer, Hattie
Haskell, C. C.
Hayden, C.
Hayden, Jessie
Herrick, Mary
Hick, Ellen H.
Holbrook, Katie
Hollister, Arthur
Hubbard, Carrie
Hubbard, Lottie
Hunt, Jennie C.
Jerome, Libbie Maud
Kellogg, Eliza
Knickerbocker, Anna M.
Knickerbocker, Jimmie
Lawton, G. W.
Lester, Minnie
Maitland, Mary
May, Cordelia
McCook, Eliza
McCotter, R. G.
Morley, Carrie
Olmstead, Mammie
Olmstead, Willie
Osgood, William
Peltier, Florence
Pelton, Elizabeth Gaylord, 1860-1936
Pelton, Lizzie
Pelton, R. K.
Pen, Stub
Pendleton, Mamme S.
Plimpton, Julia
Pomeroy, Mary
Price, Arthur
Pricket, Lena
Ripley, G. W.
Ripley, Louis
Robbins, Lillie D.
Roberson, Maria
Robinson, Lucy
Rockwell, Annie
Rockwell, Charles
Roe, Alice
Roth, Mary
Row, Alice S.
Sadd, Walter A.
Shackleford, Eleanor
Siebert, A. C.
Simonson, Grace
Skinner, May Belle
Sperry, Ruth
Stevens, Edwin
Stevens, Louise
Taft, Laura
Terry, May
Thompson, Alice C.
Trout, Freddie
Valparaiso, Rebecca
Ward, Mable
Ware, M. Lizzy
Watrous, Matte
Watson, Edith Sarah, 1861-1943
Watson, Minnie M.
Watson, Reed, 1828-1905
Watson, Rose
Weatherby, Carrie
Webster, Anita
Welles, Carrie
Werner, Nancy
Wesley, Clara
Whaples, Minnie N.
Whinton, Alice
Whittlesey, George
Wilkinson, Edith
Willis, Orlando
Willis, Sybil
Wilson, Grace
Windship, R. G.
Woodbridge, Clara
Year Range from 1877
Year Range to 1883