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Object ID number 2007.15.001
Title The Long Hill Quilt
Date 1998
Scope & Content A booklet produced to document the Long Hill Quilt, the squares for which were created by the Long Hill Missionary Society in 1893. The squares were found by one of the original members of that Society, Susie Lathrop Briggs, in 1975, who was then in her 90's. The squares were subsequently given to WML and the quilters there pieced the squares together under the leadership of Arline Bidwell. It has hung in the Library ever since.

This booklet documents the making and makers of the Long Hill Quilt, a Pennysquare Quilt, which has hung in the Library since 1978. The squares, stitched in 1892-93 and long forgotten, were found by Susie Lathrop Briggs when she was 97. She had been one of the youngest members of the Long Hill Missionary Circle, the group which had stitched the squares. The Wood Memorial Library Quilters, under the leadership of Arline Bidwell then pieced them into a quilt. The booklet describes the Long Hill area, Pennysquare and Friendship Quilts, and gives a brief biographical sketch of the 50 women, one boy and a man who contributed autographed squares. There are also photos of the area and the people mentioned. The stitchers were: Dorothy M. Parker, Bertha Watrous Williams, Sarah Maria Williams, Edna Belding Dibble, A.L.V. (probably a Valentine), Susan Burnham Lathrop, Mary Janette Elmore, Mrs. Frederick Austin Hayes, Mrs. David Lorenzo Williams, Mary Elmore Burnham, Nettie Hayes, Jessie Hayes, Mrs. Edward Allenson Williams (nee May Aurelia Burnham), Mrs. Jesse Ellison (nee Eveline Hayes), Anna Elsie Lathrop, Lillian Jerusha Newberry (nee Hayes), Harry Elmore Stoughton (a young boy), Mrs. Ellen Katherine Stoughton, Mrs Charles H. Chandler (nee Emma J.), Susie Ellen Lathrop, Alenson Elmer and Lena G. Minor Burnham (husband and wife). Pillows were made from two squares with the names of Mrs. C.H. Williams and A.F., and L.Minor.

Included in this booklet is information on a bedspread of the same "pennysquares," given to WML by Lucy Chandler Buel, in the 1980's. Lucy's mother, Mrs. Charles Chandler ( Emma J.), also worked on the Long Hill quilt. Her stitching group for the bedspread lived mostly on Ellington and Pleasant Valley roads. There are 56 squares with the following names:

Millie A. Hills, Mrs. Nellie Thurston, Mrs. Theo. Raymond, Mary L. Holman, Angie M. Bragg, Mrs. Mary A. Hills, L. G. Burnham, Parmelee - 1892, Mrs. Henry Williams, K. M. Parmelee, Bessie Andross, G.L.A.(or H), Mrs. R.K. Linsley, Margaret A. King, Ida May Bragg, Mrs. H. E. Parmelee, Mrs. H. E. Pitkikn, Mrs. L. A. Pratt, Amanda Foster, Mrs. S. T. Burnham, Edna(?), Mrs. L. T. Burnham, "Sister," "Mother," Mrs. Helen A. Wolcott, Mrs. K. A. Morgan, Gertrude Stoughton, Florence Warren, S. E. Bryant, Rebecca, Mrs. D. A. Reeves, M. J. N. G., Jessie Newberry, Mrs. Julia Wolcott, Mrs. G. Z. Parmelee, Mrs. E. S. Jones, Julia Wolcott, Mrs.G. Z. Pamelee, Mrs. W. B. Parmelee, Mrs. E. S. Jones, Julia Wolcott, Nelle I. Moore, Anna K. Jennings, N. W. Bryant, Mrs. Wm. Jennings, Miss C. M. Sumner, Mrs. F. H. Prior, Mrs. J. A. Bodwell, N. A. Bradley, A. J. Carroll, M. I. Warren, Miss Auncie Squires, Mrs. E. S. Jones. Several squares have no name on them.
Creator Jean H. Klein
Collection Quilts and Quilting - WML
People Andross, Bessie
Bidwell, Arline Miller
Bodwell, Mrs. J. A.
Bradley, N. A.
Bragg, Angie M.
Bragg, Ida May
Briggs, Susie Lathrop
Bryant, N. W.
Bryant, S. E.
Burnham, Alanson Elmer
Burnham, Lena G. Minor
Burnham, Mary Elmore
Burnham, Mrs. L. T.
Burnham, Mrs. S. T.
Carroll, A. J.
Chandler, Emma J.
Dibble, Edna Belding
Ellison, Eveline Hayes
Elmore, Mary Janette
Foster, Amanda
Hayes, Jessie
Hayes, Mrs. Frederick Austin
Hayes, Nettie
Hills, Mary A.
Hills, Millie A.
Holman, Mary L.
Jennings, Annie K.
Jennings, Mrs. William
Jones, Mrs. E. S.
King, Margaret A.
Lathrop, Anna Elsie
Lathrop, Susan Burnham
Lathrop, Susie Ellen
Linsley, Mrs. R.K.
Moore, Nelle I.
Morgan, Mrs. K. A.
Newberry, Jessie
Newberry, Lillian Jerusha (Hayes)
Parker, Dorothy M.
Parmelee, K. M.
Parmelee, Mrs. G. Z.
Parmelee, Mrs. H. E.
Parmelee, Mrs. W. B.
Pitkin, Mrs. H. E.
Pratt, Mrs. L. A.
Prior, Mrs. F. H.
Raymond, Mrs. Theo.
Reeves, Mrs. D. A.
Squires, Auncie
Stoughton, Ellen Katherine
Stoughton, Gertrude
Stoughton, Harry Elmore
Sumner, C. M.
Thurston, Mrs. Nellie
Warren, Florence
Warren, M.I.
Williams, Bertha Watrous
Williams, May Aurelia Burnham
Williams, Mrs. David Lorenzo
Williams, Mrs. Henry
Williams, Sarah Maria
Wolcott, Helen A.
Wolcott, Julia
Subjects Quilting
Search Terms Long Hill Missionary Society
Long Hill Quilt
Long Hill Road, South Windsor, CT
Year Range from 1893
Year Range to 1998