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Object ID number 2002.11.001
Title Ebenezer Grant Mansion
Date 1972 and 1982
Scope & Content The Ebenezer Grant Mansion by Frances H. Judd, 112 loose pages, copied from the original, containing family, neighborhood business, and house history and information. Compiled in 1972 and revised in 1982, this information covers this Grant family from their arrival in 1630 until 1970. Lists contain genealogy, students at East Windsor Hill School, definitions of old words, workmen and occupations, slave owners, and books mentioning the Grant family. Also included are copies of documents, accounts, house plans and exterior photographs of the exterior.

Other Grants mentioned:
Mathew Grant
Priscilla Grant (nee Grey)
Samuell Grant
Samuell Grant Jr.
Anna Grant (nee Filley)
Grace Grant (nee Miner)
Mary Grant (nee Porter)
John Grant
Noah Grant
Ulysses S. Grant
Adoniram Grant
Ann Grant (nee Elsworth)
Ann Grant
Roswell Grant
Tomas Grant
Gideon Grant
Abiel Grant
Samuel R. Grant
Susannah Grant
Aaron Grant
Peter Grant
Edward Grant

Names other than Grant, references from pages 1-25
Nathaniel Bissell
John Wolcott Jr.
Timothy Edwards
Mr. Punderson
Samuel Andrews
Timothy Woodbridge
Joseph Webb
Thomas Ruggles
Samuel Whitman
Andrew McKee
D. Meriville Jr.
Thomas Coleman
Jonas Green
John Elsworth
Dr. Terry
Benjamin Osborn
David Drake
Truman Powell
G. Gibbs
Robert White
Sam Belnap
Will Doan
Jonathan Law
Roger Wolcott
George Wyllys
Luce Ward
J. Drake
Gideon Wolcott
Tomas Skinner
Tomas Drake
Joseph Diggens
Josiah Wolcott
Isaac Bancroft
Benjamin Bancroft
Jos Bartlett
Lamson Wells
Mr. Rope
Mr. Carew
James Carter
Ebenezer Shilling
Samuel Lad
David Reed of Goshen
William Grant of Torrington
Josiah Sheldon of Northampton
Tomas Walton of Brimfield
Thomas Wells of Glastonbury
Seth Wetmore of Middletown
Joseph Stocking of Middletown
Stephen Cross of Clinton
Major Linden of Suffield
Benjamin Tomas of Stafford
John Pasho Jr. of Stafford
David Bissell
Jabez Hamlin
Matthew Stoware of New London
J & J Simpson, Boston merchants
John Bower
Robert White
Joseph Perry
Erastus Wolcott
Joel Loomis
Abiel Drake
Guron Munsel
Joseph Pitkin
Aaron Bissell
John Sad
William Johnson
Markam Bower
John Bower
Alex Gaylord
John Tomson

References from pages 26-50:
Josiah Vining
Isaac Clark
Mr. Newry
Capt Gooding
Mr Burr
Col. Talcott
Capt Hooker
Mr. Plumr
William Bulkley
Mr. Weller of Westfield
Joel Rockwell
Mr. Kimball
Timothy Groome
Thomas Hancock, Boston merchant
John Hancock, Boston merchant
John Keith
Abiel Abbott
Thomas Stoddard
Capt Collr
Thomas Hopkins
Sam Welch
William Redfield
Nathaniel Hooker
John Caldwell
Capt Starr
Capt Olcott
Jonathan Wadsworth
Dr. Smith
John Chenward
Perry, minister
Potwaine, minister
Sam Fyly
Daniel Phillips
Thomas Goodwin
George Hopkins
Isaac Miles
Samuel Marble
George Butler
Elijah Stutson
Capt Collier
Capt Caldwell
Joseph Perry
Mr. Lyman
Oliver Ellsworth of Windsor
Mary Langwell
Elizabeth Cuming
Gibbs Franklyn
Anthony Bacon
Frances Wentworth Atkinson
John Wentworth
Dolly Quincey
Anthony Ward
Aaron Bull of Boston
Sally Hunt
John Fitch
Primus Negro
Dr. Alexander Wolcott
Oliver Stoughton
Thomas Abel
Samuel Moor
Mr. Blies
Silas Drake
John Barrett & Son of Boston
George Butler
Abner Stocking
Jonathan Mason of Boston
D. W. Hubbard
Thomas Leverett of Boston
William Whitehall of Boston
Mr. McKnight
E. Storer
Samuel Wallis of Boston
Joseph Waldo of Boston
Daniel Waldo of Boston
Gerard Beekman of New York
Eleazer Miller Jr. of New York
Peter Van der voord of New York
Henry Franklin of New York
James Caldwell
Charles Caldwell
Samuel Broome of New York
John Broome of New York
Eliphalet Chapin
John Marsh
Ira Allen of Bennington, VT
Nathaniel Terry
Obadiah Johnson
Joseph Spencer
Brig. Douglas
Roger Enos
Abial Anderson
Stydon Robarts
Daniel Loomis
Genman Sleek
Ephraim Parke
John Parker
Mr. Bush
D. Hubbard
Mr. Glover
Mr. Jackson
Rhoda March
William Parsons

References from pages 51-75:
Watson Loomis
Samuel Smith
Don Hibbard
Ezekiel Osborn
Elijah Kingsbury
Harvey Strong
Timothy Allen
David Lothrop
Capt. Robertson
Erastus Wolcott
Roger Wolcott
Nathaniel Terry
Jonathan Bement
Jont Wells
Capt Mills
General Newberry
Reverend Marsh
Ann Marsh
George Washington
General Rochambeau
Richard Prescott
Ethan Allen
Elijah Hide Jr
William Franklin
Benjamin Franklin
James Carr
Jonathan Trumbull
Major John Roberts
Major Rogers
Brig Genl Specht
General Rhetz
William Moffat
Capt. M. Kirkman
Mr. Aubrey
Lt. Stowe
Lt. Col. de Mengen
Gen. Lafayette
Capt. Abby
Maj Stoughton
Capt H. Bissell
Capt Bartlet
Elisha Huntington
Capt Stephen Steel
Benjamin Davenport
John Bower
Fluvia Wolcott

******************** Thru P. 56 **********
Creator Frances H. Judd
Collection Ebenezer Grant Collection
People Abbott, Abiel
Abel, Thomas
Allen, Ethan
Allen, Ira
Allen, Timothy
Anderson, Abial
Andrews, Samuel
Atkinson, Frances Wentworth
Bacon, Anthony
Bancroft, Benjamin
Bancroft, Isaac
Barrett, John
Bartlett, Jos
Beekman, Gerard
Belnap, Sam
Bement, Jonathan
Bissell, Aaron
Bissell, David
Bissell, Nathaniel
Bower, John
Bower, John
Bower, John
Bower, Markam
Broome, John
Broome, Samuel
Bulkley, William
Bull, Aaron
Butler, George
Butler, George
Caldwell, Charles
Caldwell, James
Caldwell, John
Carr, James
Carter, James
Chapin, Eliphalet, 1741-1807
Chapin, Eliphalet, 1741-1807
Chenward, John
Clark, Isaac
Coleman, Thomas
Cross, Stephen
Cuming, Elizabeth
Davenport, Benjamin
Diggens, Joseph
Doan, Will
Drake, Abiel
Drake, David
Drake, Silas
Drake, Tomas
Edwards, Timothy, Rev., 1669-1758
Ellsworth, Oliver
Elsworth, John
Enos, Roger
Fitch, John
Franklin, Benjamin
Franklin, Henry
Franklin, William
Franklyn, Gibbs
Fyly, Sam
Gaylord, Alex
Goodwin, Thomas
Grant, Aaron
Grant, Abiel
Grant, Adoniram
Grant, Ann
Grant, Ann Elsworth
Grant, Anna Filley
Grant, Ebenezer Col., 1706-1797
Grant, Edward
Grant, Gideon
Grant, Grace Miner
Grant, John
Grant, Mary Porter
Grant, Mathew
Grant, Noah
Grant, Peter
Grant, Priscilla Grey
Grant, Roswell
Grant, Samuel R.
Grant, Samuell
Grant, Samuell Jr.
Grant, Susannah
Grant, Tomas
Grant, Ulysses S.
Grant, William
Green, Jonas
Groome, Timothy
Hamlin, Jabez
Hancock, John, 1737-1793
Hancock, Thomas
Hibbard, Don
Hide, Elijah Jr.
Hooker, Nathaniel
Hopkins, George
Hopkins, Thomas
Hubbard, D. W.
Hunt, Sally
Huntington, Elisha
Johnson, Obadiah
Johnson, William
Judd, Francis H.
Keith, John
Kingsbury, Elijah
Lad, Samuel
Langwell, Mary
Law, Jonathan
Leverett, Thomas
Loomis, Daniel
Loomis, Joel
Loomis, Watson
Lothrop, David
Marble, Samuel
March, Rhoda
Marsh, Ann
Marsh, John
Mason, Jonathan
McKee, Andrew
Meriville, D. Jr.
Miles, Isaac
Miller, Eleazer Jr.
Moffat, William
Moor, Samuel
Munsel, Guron
Osborn, Benjamin
Osborn, Ezekiel
Parke, Ephraim
Parker, John
Parsons, William
Pasho, John Jr.
Perry, Joseph
Perry, Joseph
Phillips, Daniel
Pitkin, Joseph
Powell, Truman
Prescott, Richard, Gen., 1725-1788
Primus Negro
Quincey, Dolly
Redfield, William
Reed, David
Robarts, Stydon
Roberts, John
Rockwell, Joel
Ruggles, Thomas
Sad, John
Sheldon, Josiah
Shilling, Ebenezer
Skinner, Tomas
Sleek, Genman
Smith, Samuel
Spencer, Joseph
Steel, Stephen
Stocking, Abner
Stocking, Joseph
Stoddard, Thomas
Storer, E.
Stoughton, Oliver
Stoware, Matthew
Strong, Harvey
Stutson, Elijah
Terry, Nathaniel
Terry, Nathaniel
Tomas, Benjamin
Tomson, John
Trumbull, Jonathan
Van der voord, Peter
Vining, Josiah
Wadsworth, Jonathan
Waldo, Daniel
Waldo, Joseph
Wallis, Samuel
Walton, Tomas
Ward, Anthony
Ward, Luce
Washington, George
Webb, Joseph
Welch, Sam
Wells, Jont
Wells, Lamson
Wells, Thomas
Wentworth, John
Wetmore, Seth
White, Robert
White, Robert
Whitehall, William
Whitman, Samuel
Wolcott, Alexander
Wolcott, Erastus
Wolcott, Erastus
Wolcott, Fluvia
Wolcott, Gideon
Wolcott, John Jr.
Wolcott, Josiah
Wolcott, Roger
Woodbridge, Timothy
Wyllys, George
Subjects Genealogy
Search Terms 1653 Main Street
Grant Family
Grant House
Slave owners
Year Range from 1630
Year Range to 1970
Parent ObjectID 02.11.001