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Name 1938 Hurricane and Flood
Number of Archive records 16
Number of Object records 0
Number of Photo records 28

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1992.06.006 -

Original copy of the Sept. 24, 1938 edition of The Hartford Times featuring the 1938 Hurricane.

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2004.06.001 - Union School Scrapbooks

Scrapbook compiled by Union District School teacher Anna S. Maskel around 1941. The scrapbook contains individual student photos, photos of their homes and scenes in South Windsor along with pages written by the students describing their families. The original scrapbooks (2) were made with lined looseleaf paper taped into scrapbooks. The looseleaf papers have been removed from the original paper backing and cover, both of which were highly acidic.

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2013.01.002 - Francis Peter "Butch" Carney Oral History Interview

Produced by Jessica Glass and David Raymond. Audio and video recordings available. In this interview, Carney discusses his family members and the neighbors that lived near the house on Nevers Road. He also shares memories of his childhood in South Windsor, including farming, the way certain parts of South Windsor looked during his childhood, how the house at 707 Nevers Road was laid out when he lived there, the Hurricane of 1938, and learning of the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. At the end of the interview he sings old Irish songs he learned during his childhood.

Image of 2013.30.02 - Richard Nicholson Oral History 2

2013.30.02 - Richard Nicholson Oral History 2

This the second oral history interview with Richard Nicholson. In this interview, Nicholson discusses his mother's experiences of working for Travelers Insurance Company in Hartford, CT, and the biases that the company's management appeared to have against Democrats. He discusses Connecticut state and local Democratic Party politics, and the influence of politics on infrastructure developments in South Windsor and the surrounding area during Nicholson's lifetime, including roads, bridges, and flood-control projects. He also discusses South Windsor's African American population, including the harsh living conditions of black brickyard workers.

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2013.42 - Elizabeth Risley Addington Oral History Inteview

Oral history interview of Elizabeth Risley Addington by Louise Evans, in which Addington shares her remembrances of her family, childhood friends, schools, activities (such as 4H and Girl Scouts), local residents and buildings. She discusses local bus service and how it connected South Windsor to the greater Hartford area, and how that service provided access to shopping, medical services, and social opportunities. Elizabeth also discusses birding, tobacco harvesting, and how the hurricane of 1955, World War II, and the realignment of Route 5 affected life in town.

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2013.44 - Blanche Bienkowski Oral History Interview

In this interview, Blanche Bienkowski discusses her memories of her childhood in South Windsor including her family's farm and the school bus business that her father, Raymond Belcher, owned. She also discusses her father's time as a South Windsor selectman. She talks about a fire in her rented apartment on Main Street in South Windsor when she was a young mother, and about how Beelzebub Road got its name. Bienkowski was quite elderly at the time the interview was recorded, and sometimes loses her train of thought during the interview.

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2013.45 - June Rose Brady Oral History

Oral History of June Rose Brady by Claire Kennedy. During this interview, June shared her remembrances of times, places and people of the South Windsor Community, including World War II, the Korean War, the Great Depression, and the 1938 Hurricane. She discusses places including Wapping Community Church, Burnham's Station and Restaurant, the former Podunk Mill, and many farms and orchards that are now gone. She discusses her schooling at going to school at the one-room Pleasant Valley Schoolhouse, Wapping Grammar School, Ellsworth Memorial High School and UConn. June's husband, Sam, joined the interview to augment and add additional information.

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2013.46.03 - Third Oral History Interview of Doris Pelton Burgdorf

Third oral history of Doris Pelton Burgdorf, completed by Maureen Bourn, July 31, 2007. In this third interview of five, Doris talks about her mother, Helen Risley Pelton. Helen was born in South Windsor and went to school in town. She attended high school in East Hartford and went on to work in Hartford at an insurance company. When her parents moved to Florida, Helen eloped. The newly weds rented a house on Main Street and eventually moved into the Pelton Farm. Helen managed the household with a milk business on the side. She became interested in local history and helped to keep the Wood Library open and operating. Helen's friend Hildred Raymond decided to purchase the Town Farm [Fer

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2013.47 - Oral History Interview of David Collins

In this interview, David Collins talks to Jan Kennedy about being raised in a farming family in the Wapping section of South Windsor. The Collins family maintained a dairy and managed some tobacco farming. Dave talks about his childhood, growing up in the Wapping community with siblings Porter, Sherman, Cynthia and Buddy, and attending local grammar and high schools. He recalls harvesting ice in the early winter months, and storing it between layers of sawdust for use in the summer months to cool milk. Collins' wife Dorothy Simler Collins also speaks in this interview.

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2013.49 - Sherman Collins oral history interview

Sherman Collins is the primary narrator. In this interview, husband and wife Sherman and Charlotte Collins discuss their home, 1271 Sullivan Ave, which used to be a schoolhouse. They also discuss their family members, including member of the extended Collins family who ran the Collins Bus Service. Other topics include their childhoods, Wapping Community Church, tobacco and dairy farming, the schools that they attended, the Sand Hill Road area, and the "Collinsville" around where Sherman and Charlotte lived.

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2013.51 - Sally Edlund Oral History

In this interview, Edlund discusses growing up in South Windsor during the Great Depression and World War II, including the privations and resourcefulness necessitated by both. She talks about helping her father and grandfather with farming. She also discusses her memories of going to school in the one-room Pleasant Valley Schoolhouse, the flood of 1936 and hurricane and flood of 1938. She also discusses what it was like to work at Travelers Insurance, and her first year of teaching as a first grade teacher in Groton, CT.

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2014.22 - Barbara Nevers Burnham Oral History Interview

Oral history interview of Barbara Nevers Burnham by Tony Macro, recorded on May 1, 2014. In this interview, Burnham discusses her childhood in South Windsor around the Pleasant Valley Road section of town, including the Polish families that lived nearby and the Burnham Restaurant and Gas Station. She also discusses her great-grandfather, Henry Baker's tobacco farm, among other topics.

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2014.23.02 - Second Joseph Vibert Oral History Interview

Second oral history interview with Joseph Vibert, recorded October 2, 2003, by Jean Klein. In this interview, Joe Vibert discusses memories of his childhood, including the preparation of Main Street for a trolley, the paving of Main Street and other area roads, the creation of Route 5, the impact of various floods, and the changing farming community in the meadow abutting and in town. Towards the end of the interview, Joe and Jean look over a number of family photos.

Image of 2015.08 - Terry Files First Oral History Interview

2015.08 - Terry Files First Oral History Interview

Terry Files first oral history interview, recorded by Tony Macro on April 7, 2015. In this interview, Files discusses farming and husbandry in Wapping and working in tobacco as a youth. He also talks about the Second World War, including food rationing, watchtower, and anti-aircraft gun emplacements. Other topics include: travel by rail (from Manchester) and public bus; the Barnum & Bailey circus fire in Hartford; canning chickens and Sunday dinner, after boxing lessons, with 'Bat' Battalino; shopping in Manchester; musical entertainment in Hartford; dances and auctions at Hill's Grove; friends and companions on the Collins' school bus; activities at Ellsworth High School; life with the US Ar

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2015.14.02 - Ruth Risley Oral History Interview #2

In this interview, Ruth Risley reminisces about her childhood growing up on Town Farm in South Windsor, where her father operated the Bissell Ferry across the Connecticut River and her mother provided food and housing for indigent residents of the town (paid for by the town). She discusses the Ferry operations, the tobacco farming done by her family and their boarders, and the logistics of housing and feeding people. She also talks about the "Tramp Hotel" on Town Farm and the briefly mentions the two jail cells that were located on the farm.

Image of 2014.42.09 - Helen Carpy Photographs Collection

2014.42.09 - Helen Carpy Photographs Collection

Black and white photograph showing storm damage and flooding from the 1938 hurricane and flood. This image shows partially-submerged barns or sheds and trees. This image is nearly a duplicate of 2014.42.07.

Image of 2014.42.04 - Helen Carpy Photographs Collection

2014.42.04 - Helen Carpy Photographs Collection

Black and white photograph showing storm damage and flooding from the 1938 hurricane and flood. This image shows a figure in a boat next to a collapsed building or bridge, and a standing structure, possibly a barn.

Image of 2014.42.05 - Helen Carpy Photographs Collection

2014.42.05 - Helen Carpy Photographs Collection

Black and white photograph showing storm damage and flooding from the 1938 hurricane and flood. This image shows a creek-like body of water with pylons across it.

Image of 2014.42.06 - Helen Carpy Photographs Collection

2014.42.06 - Helen Carpy Photographs Collection

Black and white photograph showing storm damage and flooding from the 1938 hurricane and flood. This image shows a stand of trees in the midst of a wide body of water, likely a flooded farm field or meadow.

Image of 2014.42.07 - Helen Carpy Photographs Collection

2014.42.07 - Helen Carpy Photographs Collection

Black and white photograph showing storm damage and flooding from the 1938 hurricane and flood. This image shows partially-submerged barns or sheds and trees.